North bridge along the Leie in Kortrijk

The Northbridge is located at the center of the Belgian city of Kortrijk and connects the Beheerstraat with the Noordstraat. In the past there was the Gerechtshof bridge, this bridge was very old and needed to be renewed.

The Northbridge, which runs across the river, was designed by Greisch in collaboration with Technum, who took on the coordination and urban design. The Northbridge is a cable-stayed bridge whose pylon is 26 meters (85,3 feet) high and holds all the cables of the bridge at one point.

At the end of 2009, the works were completed and in 2010 the bridge was put into service.

It is a pretty building whose architectural aesthetics dominate the borders of the Leie river. The view of the bridge immediately attracts the attention, you are literally drawn to it. As you can see on this page, the Noordbrug is by no means the subject on pictures taken along the borders of the Leie river.